How to Remove Chalkboard Paint

Jan 26, 2024

Were you one of the many people who jumped on board with the chalkboard paint trend (pun intended) and you now have a wall in your home that is covered in flaky chalk that you’re ready to get rid of? Three Brothers Painting is here to help. Thankfully, the chalkboard paint is almost as easy to cover up as it was to paint on in the first place.

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions on how to cover up a chalkboard paint wall. 

1. Clean the wall thoroughly – no residual chalk – and allow to dry.

2. Using a fine sandpaper, sand down the entire surface of the chalkboard wall. Pay special attention to the edges of the chalkboard paint – it usually sits a little higher that the rest of the paint on the wall.

3. Using a high quality, oil based primer, paint over the entire wall. Allow it to dry fully.

4. Turn on the lights, turn off the lights, walk around the room and asses the wall from all angles. If you can still see any lines or chalkboard paint showing through, you’ll need to re-sand and prime for another coat.

5. You’re ready to apply your new paint color to the wall, and be officially done with your chalkboard wall.

Do you want to get rid of that chalkboard you painted on the wall in a moment of Pinterest inspiration, that you now regret? Give Three Brothers Painting a call. Our team of professional painters can take care of the entire sanding, priming, and repainting process for you – and we offer free estimates, too!

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