Using Chalkboard Paint Creatively in Your Home

Nov 9, 2012

The latest trend in paint is chalkboard paint. You see it everywhere: wedding decorations, house decorations, gardens, etc! Now you’re thinking about how to add it creatively to your home, but make it blend in with the rest of your décor. Here are a few ideas Three Brothers Painting has pulled together for you to keep your home on the cutting edge of the latest trend.

Chalkboard Paint in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the easiest place to add chalkboard paint and have it “make sense” for your décor.  One great idea is to add it to your cupboard door. Either on the inside or outside of the door, depending on your style, and it gives you a great place to write down your shopping list as you run out of supplies. Want to use the chalkboard paint as a message board? Create large framed chalkboard painted boards that fit on the front of your refrigerator door and attach them with magnets. This creates a great space to write down information, but doesn’t require the more permanent commitment of painting your fridge.

Chalkboard Paint in Your Living Spaces

Do you have an old fireplace you’re not using? Board it up then paint the boards with chalkboard paint! Used colored paint so the fireplace doesn’t turn into a black hole and you’ve now created another space where you can draw or write and turned that unused fireplace into something stylish. Paint a small wall in an office or child’s room use the chalkboard paint for a more utilitarian purpose.

What Kind of Chalkboard Paint Do I Use?

There are several different types of chalkboard paints available and most can be found at your local home improvement or crafts store. They come in varieties that are either brush or roll on and in spray can form. Can’t find the color you are looking for? There are many great tutorials on how to make your own chalkboard paint in whatever color you’d like, such as this one we found at

Need help spiffing up your home with some chalkboard paint or other unique painting project? If you live in the Woodstock area, contact Three Brothers and let us help you add some spunk to your living space!

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