Primer: Is it REALLY That Important?

Jan 4, 2013

The short answer? Yes!

Priming your painting surface is just as important as the last coat of paint that will go on, if not more so. If you do not prep your surface properly before you start, you will never come out with a satisfactory finished product.

Choosing the Right PrimerCan of White Primer

Primers come in a variety of choices – from oil based to latex – and it is important which one you use for specific projects. To help you choose what kind of primer you need for your project consider two things: what type of paint you want to use on the final coats and what kind of paint (if any) is already on the surface. First, find out what paint you already have on your surface. For an easy test dip a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol and rub it on the wall. If some paint rubs off onto the cotton the paint is latex, if it is oil based, the cotton ball will be clean. There are so many varieties of primers your next step is to go shopping and read the cans. Typically for a high traffic area that will be touched often you want to use an oil based primer where places like high walls you can use a latex primer. Make sure you read the primer directions carefully and know what kind of paint you want to use on top so that they will be compatible.

Next time you look at a painting project and wonder “Should I prime this first?” keep in mind, the answer is probably yes. One of the few times it is ok not to use primer is when you are painting over a good, solid layer of paint with the same color that was already there. Then, you are painting on a good clean surface and you are not trying cover up any old colors.

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