Choosing Your Painting Tools

Sep 5, 2012

Choosing the best paint brush for a paint job is imperative in getting good results. Each type of brush has its own use, and typically each painting project in your home will require at least two different types of brushes or rollers. Here, Three Brothers Painting gives you a rundown of the most common types of painting tools.

Synthetic Versus Natural Brushes Paint brushes

Synthetic brushes are better for latex paint, and oil-based paint works better with natural brushes. When looking for man-made brush, make sure it has a thick head of evenly distributed bristles, as this help the brush hold more paint and ensures the paint goes on the wall evenly. Look for a brush with chiseled middle bristles that are longer than the outer ones. Some polyester synthetic brushes are available with straight bristles or split end bristles that give good coverage, which means fewer strokes are needed to paint a surface.

Natural bristle brushes are made with animal hair and used mainly with oil-based paints. Latex and water-based paints aren’t recommended for natural-bristle brushes, as they will dry out the bristles.


When used with a latex paint, foam rollers give off a finish similar to the use of a paint sprayer. Available in different sizes, the most common are a mini sponge roller for narrow paths (think in between two window frames), and are a great tool when painting cabinets where spraying is not an option.  For other rolling applications, use a  3/8′, 1/2 inch, or 3/4  nap roller for covering drywall and smooth plaster walls, and 1-1/2′ nap roller, which are great for brick, highly-textured plaster or cinder block.

Other Painting Tools

Foam brushes are good for intricate work such as painting molding or window casings, filling in crack on trim and other touch-ups. However, they usually last for only one use because they’re hard to clean and easy to tear. Paint sprayers are another tool that come in a variety of sizes, capabilities and price. Some are best for staining and for outdoor work, and others are design for professional finishing jobs, where the control of the spray is important.

The painting tools you choose to paint the interior or exterior of your home will help determine the outcome of your paint job. If DIY’ing your paint job isn’t your idea of a good time, don’t hesitate to contact Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA. Our team of professional painting contractors can help you achieve the overall look you want in your home.

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