3 Things to Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Oct 4, 2013

Painting the exterior of your home is a major job, bigger than most DIYers would usually take on. Even if you are a devout DIYer, exterior house painting is something that most people leave to the professionals (like Three Brothers Painting) so that they don’t have to deal with the headache. If you are going to buckle down and paint the exterior of your Roswell, Georgia home, here are 3 tips you should know about exterior house painting before you get started. 

Home Exterior - after

Home Exterior

#1 Paint from Top to Bottom

When you are painting a house, you always start at the top and work towards the bottom. This is a good rule of thumb whether you are doing interior or exterior house painting as it prevents streaks and potentially marring up a fresh paint job on the bottom of the wall when you are moving a ladder around.

#2 Box the Paint

And no, we don’t mean in cardboard. Boxing paint is the practice of combining several cans of paint that are supposed to be the same color into one large bucket. This ensure color uniformity because even though they are supposed to be the same color, there is almost always some kind of slight variation.

#3 Choose Quality Paint

This is another good painting rule that you should keep in mind no matter what, but it is particularly important on the exterior of your home. Make sure you select high quality paint that can stand up to the everyday weather. The higher quality paint is going to come with a higher associated cost, but it will look better longer and protect your home’s siding from weather damage.

If you decide that this project is a little out of your league, or just a headache you don’t want to deal with, we’ve got professional painters that will come take care of the project for you – from set up to clean up. Three Brothers Painting looks forward to giving your home a fresh new look this Fall!


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