Paint Brand Preferences: Selecting Quality

May 2, 2013

Three Brothers Painting has been painting the exterior and interior of your Woodstock, GA homes since 1991. Over the years, we have been met with all different kinds of trials and problems that we have had to find solutions for. We have salvaged homes from smoke damage, and done beautiful interior and exterior home face lifts with just the right hues of paint. To make all of our projects possible and successful for many years to come – rather than just quick fix – we use paint brands that have proven their quality over all of the other options time, and time again.

Preferred Paint Brands

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When it comes to choosing the right paint for the job, you need to consider the type of surface you will be painting, usage, wear, and tear that the painted surface will endure on a daily basis, whether the paint will be exposed to wind, water, and weather, and many more deciding factors. Taking all of these into consideration brings us to select the appropriate paint or stain for the project. We have tried many different brands of paint but we have narrowed it down to the best: Porter Paints and Sherwin-Williams.

The Options

Both Porter and Sherwin-Williams provide a wide selection of interior paints, exterior paints, primers, interior stains, exterior stains, along with specialty paints. They provide Three Brothers with the tools we need to accomplish any job that you may have in your Roswell, GA home. One of our favorites from Porter includes Silken Touch  – a premium paint that laves walls and trim stain resistant with superior durability. It is low odor so it will not leave your home with an overbearing “fresh paint” smell. We also love Porter’s Voice of Color website. It provides our clients with a way to visualize new colors in their home, has a wide selection of color palettes for inspiration, there is even an app that lets you take a picture of a color you love and match it with a Porter paint color. Sherwin-Williams offers a wide selection of low- and no-VOC paints for those clients that may be chemically sensitive. These paints do not release the harmful VOC vapors that some older or traditional paints may expose homeowners to.

Have you been thinking about spiffing your home up for summer entertaining? Does the exterior of your home need a fresh coat or are you interested in getting rid of  those ‘builder beige’ walls and adding a splash of warmth to your home? Three Brothers Painting would like to come out and give you a free estimate on whatever house painting project you have in mind – give us a call today!


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