Staying Ahead of Home Repairs

Aug 21, 2014

New HouseCongratulations! You’ve just bought your first home! You’re probably busy unpacking your boxes, buying new decorations, and setting everything up to make that new house – a home. We know how much fun it is to finally own your very first home – but there are some big things you shouldn’t forget about. Not to mention paying utility bills, mortgage, and insurance, you need to remember that you are new responsible for home repairs and maintenance – we are probably more costly than you think. Expensive repairs can come up out of no where if you aren’t careful, but there are things you can do to make sure you and your family are prepared. Three Brothers has some tips to help you stay ahead of the maintenance on your new home. 

  • Make a savings plan. It is recommended that homeowners put away at least 1% of their home value into a savings account for repairs and maintenance each year.
  • Make a plan to be prepared for the following repairs:
    • Window Replacement: Typically, aluminum windows last 15-20 years, vinyl 20-40 years, and wood 30+.
    • Roof Repairs: Asphalt shingled roofs typically last for 20 years. Keeping them patched and repaired in the meantime will help them last loner.
    • Deck Staining: Transparent stains need to be reapplied every year, and pigmented stains reapplied every 5 years or so. But – this can vary greatly depending on weather conditions.
    • Exterior House Painting: Most homes will last 5 years before they need to be repainted. But, don’t wait until the paint is peeling off before you call in the pros. At that point, water and weather could be damaging your siding.

Img via slettvet on Flickr. 

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