Skip the Splatter: Top Paint Clean Up Tips

Apr 25, 2013

When you are painting a house, the longest part of the process is preparation. But, if you prepare you painting areas well to begin with, it will make clean up a cinch! Three Brother Painting brings you some top paint clean up tips for you if you decide to take the plunge and paint your Woodstock, GA home.

Dried green paint

Dried green paint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#1: Minimize the Mess

This is all about preparation. Move your furniture away from the walls and cover it with plastic. Also, tape down plastic or paper over your floors to catch any drips or splatters you may have a prevent you from tracking them all over your good floors. Painters tape may be a pain, but it will prevent you from having to touch up areas you didn’t mean to paint, and keep your lines nice, crisp, and straight.

#2: Carry a Wet Rag

The best time to clean up spilled paint is when it is fresh and still wet. If you haven’t covered every surface in your home that you don’t  want paint, there will be splatters on the window sill or baseboard. Just keep a wet rag handy and wipe up splatters and spills as they occur.

#3: Deterring Dried Paint

Getting up paint after it is dry is slightly more difficult than when wet, but easily doable. For latex paints, warm water and soap will usually do the trick

. Wrap a cloth around a putty knife and wet with soap and water and gently scrape. The paint should come up easily. For solvent based paints, mineral spirits should do the trick but make sure you wash the area afterwards with soap and water to avoid taking off any finish.

As with most things in life, proper preparation will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, but if you decide to skip ahead, all is not lost and paint clean up is still possible.

To avoid all the hassle and mess, you could just give Three Brothers Painting a call to paint your Roswell, GA home! We will deal with all of the preparation, painting, and clean up for you and you get a fresh coat of paint on the interior or exterior of your home!

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