Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Aug 23, 2012

Does the thought of picking the right color for the exterior of your home have you scared silly? The need to paint the exterior of your home offers the opportunity to change the color, but with so many options available, choosing a color for the exterior can be stressful. With a few of our favorite tips to keep in mind, you can make good choices that will boost your curb appeal and protect your home.

Gain Color Inspiration from Neighboring Homes Painted exterior of a home

As a general rule, look to your neighbor’s homes for color inspiration. Your exterior color choice should not clash with your neighbor’s home, as that can affect the overall look of the street and affect property values. When choosing an exterior color scheme, make sure it complies with neighborhood association guidelines, as well as blending well with other homes.

Consider Trim and Accent Colors

An exterior paint scheme should be made up of at least three colors: the field (large areas such as walls and roofs), the trim (corner boards, window trim, fascias, and rakes), and the accent (includes doors, shutters, and other architectural features).

Field Colors – This color will make up the majority of what you see on the house, and will help you select the color for trim and the accent. This color is generally a lighter neutral, as a lighter color will make it appear larger.

Trim Colors – Usually works well when the trim color is lighter than the field color. In some cases, painting the trim the same color works, but be wary, as it can make the home look unfinished. Gutters, downspouts and similar elements should usually be painted the trim color to help give them a disappearing element.

Accent Colors – Accent colors are where the “pop” of a house can be found. Front doors are a wonderful way to accent the other colors of a home, as are window shutters.

Other items to consider are matching the color scheme to the style of the home, the landscaping elements around the home (flowers, shrubs and trees will all have an impact on the color choices), and architectural detailing that can be highlighted with an accent color.

When it becomes time to painting your home’s exterior, don’t hesitate to contact Three Brothers Painting with questions and concerns. We can refer you to one of our paint representatives to help you choose colors that will enhance your home’s natural beauty.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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