Sell Your Home With the Right Color Palette

Jan 16, 2014

House for SaleThe real estate forecasters are looking up for 2014. The news is that the market is coming back strong and buyers are out searching for their perfect home. If you’ve been thinking about putting your Woodstock, GA home on the market, now is the time to call your real estate agent and start showing your home. To make sure that you are giving potential buyers the best impression of your home possible, Three Brothers Painting has a few tips for you on the best paint colors to use on your interior walls. 

Earth Tones

“Builders beige” is what most people opt for when painting their homes for resale. While that is the ‘safe’ option – beige is calming, simple, and easy for people to envision creating their living spaces – using other color options will give your home character and warmth. Tones of brown, green, blue, orange, and muted reds are warm and inviting and are great color options for living rooms and dining rooms.

Neutral Colors

When buyers are looking through your home all they see are dollar signs – Does it need a new roof? New appliances? Does all of the trim need to be repainted or replaced? Cross things off of their list and don’t add to them by painting the walls with drastic or bright colors. Painting the walls with neutral colors will avoid the problem of additional costs that buyers will see if the walls are bright shades that they don’t love quite as much as you did.


Gray doesn’t mean sad and gloomy like a rainy day – gray means that your home has a chic and sophisticated feel. In recent years, gray has increased in popularity as a choice for interior designers wanting to add a little something extra to a room. Gray walls look great with light colored trim and furniture with a bright, bold accent color in a pillow or side table.

If you’re ready to get your home on the market, call Three Brothers Painting and we will paint the interior and exterior of your home to give it a fresh feel for potential buyers in the Alpharetta, GA area.

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