Ridding Your Home of Wood Rot

Oct 15, 2013

Wood rot is one of those ugly things that creeps up on you unnoticed. One day you think you have a perfectly maintained home with no issues, and the next you have hundreds of dollars of repair bills due to a wood rot problem that you didn’t even know about. The best type of house maintenance is preventative maintenance. Three Brothers Painting has three easy tips for you on how to prevent wood rot at your Woodstock, GA home. 

Wood Rot RepairLook for Trouble

The first line of defense against wood rot is your eyes. Once a year, take a thorough tour of your home and inspect for signs of wood rot. At the first sign of peeling paint, cracks or holes in your caulking, or a sagging gutter, go ahead and call Three Brothers Painting to make the wood rot repair. It’s much easier to just replace one board that may be affected, rather than replacing an entire section of your home because the rot spread.

Keep Landscaping Away

Tree branches and shrubs should be at least two feet away from siding and roofing. This prevents roots from growing and disrupting your foundation, trees from scraping and ruining your roofing, and prevents any moisture buildup between the plants and your home. Keeping everything at least two feet away will allow plenty of air circulation to keep your home’s siding dry and free of rot, and prevent any potential damage from a stray branch hitting your home on a windy day.

Keep Your Paint Fresh

Your home’s exterior paint is its first line of defense against the harsh weather elements. A good coat of paint protects your siding from being invaded by moisture and therefore keeps the wood dry and rot-free. Typically,  homes in Georgia need to be painted every 5 years to keep them looking their best and the siding sealed. Call Three Brothers Painting for your exterior house painting estimate. 

These are just three simple ideas to make sure that moisture doesn’t invade your home and cause un-noticed wood rot. Before the damp winter months get here, make sure you inspect your home for signs of rot and give us a call at Three Brothers Painting for help on getting your home maintenance checklist done.

Photo by aopsan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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