Excellent Exteriors: Choosing the Right Color

Aug 9, 2013

Summer has been an awful season for trying to accomplish anything outdoors. Between the rain and the heat, working outside has been near impossible. If you had considered getting the exterior of your Roswell, GA home painted over the past few months, but decided to wait, that was the right decision. We will soon be entering the cooler months of Fall when it will hopefully dry up a bit and the cooler temperatures will be more conducive to exterior house painting. Before you can even go so far as to hire a professional house painter, you should go ahead and pick out a color. Sticking with the same color that’s been on the exterior of your home for years is the easy answer, but changing it up could give your home a whole new, fresh look. Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA has two things you should consider when you are trying to choose a new color for the exterior of your Roswell, GA home. 

Spanish Style HomeConsider Your Home’s Architectural Style

What style is your home? Does it have a red or orange clay roof like a Spanish style home; is it a classic style Georgian home; does it reflect the coastal style of a Cape Cod home? Each of these styles have their traditional color schemes that you should take into consideration when trying to choose the right hue.

Neighborhood Codes

Depending on where you live and the covenants enforced by your neighborhood association, you may have a limited color palette to choose from when you decide to repaint your home, that is determined by your association. Before you go spend hours of effort and decision making that lead you to fall in love with the perfect color, check with your neighborhood association on their house color restrictions. If they do have certain colors for you to choose from, it could make your decision that much simpler.

Whether you are ready to get your house painted now or if you need a little more help picking out the right hue for your home, call Three Brothers Painting. We would be happy to help you select a color scheme for the exterior of your Roswell, GA house and apply a fresh coat of exterior house paint!


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