Retail Renovation

Jul 14, 2014

Commercial PaintingIf you are a small business owner we understand that you’ve got to be smart with every dollar that you spend. But, when you’ve been working out of a space that has looked the same since 1980, it is time for you to update. Giving your retail space a fresh new look will not only help you feel more energized about your work, but it will also appeal to your clients. Don’t let the word “renovation” scare you off either, Three Brothers Painting has a few ideas that can help you update the look of your retail space without a large investment. 


Lighting plays a huge role in consumer perception. The days of harsh fluorescents are gone and consumers now expect to shop in spaces that are more naturally lit. To make the switch, consider adding skylights to your space. If that is not an option, choosing a bulb that is a cooler white will change the atmosphere of your space entirely. Also, keep in mind that you should use light to feature your products. Place your most profitable items in the areas with the most light – consumers will naturally be drawn in.

Paint and Color

The paint palette in your retail space should be two things: On trend and an enhancement of your space. Make sure that you are choosing colors that are up to date, but you should also be aware that your paint colors should compliment your merchandise. Your walls are a back drop for highlighting your merchandise – use them accordingly! And while we are talking about paint and color, don’t limit yourself to just your walls. Also take into consideration your trim, ceiling, and floor. Depending on the materials each is made of, they could be painted as well. You could get creative with your floor and use it to paint on arrows, or sections of color that correlate to your different retail spaces.

Three Brothers Painting has extensive experience with painting retail spaces of all sizes – from downtown Woodstock small businesses, to large corporate spaces and stores. Call us today to get a free estimate for your space and talk about new design ideas to bring your retail space into 2014.

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