All of the Trimmings

Jun 6, 2014

Trim PaintWhat color is the trim in your home? If you have stuck with traditional color choices and interior design trends, then you probably have white trim throughout your house. But, did you know that there are actually 3 different ways to handle the color of your trim throughout your home? All three of these options look great when executed properly.

1. Light trim with dark walls

This is by far the most common option in houses today. White or light colored trim looks great against the contrast of a darker colored wall and it makes the wall color pop.

2. Dark trim, light walls

If you want to step up your design savvy a notch, opt for an opposite color combo than the norm. Black or a dark trim color shows off the architectural features of your home and is the perfect option for a home that has large beams or decorative moldings. If you’re not quite ready to go with such a dramatic contrast, you could pick a soft blue, red, or other color for your trim while leaving your walls a shade of white.

3. Everything the same

If you have a room that has awkward doors or boring trim detail, the best way to go might be to paint the trim and the walls the same color. This way, it takes the emphasis off of the walls and onto your furnishings and decorations. This is a great option for a small bedroom or bathroom.

So, when it comes to the trim in your home, are you willing to take the risk and choose option 2 or 3 next time you paint? Are you planning on giving the interior or exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint this summer? Three Brothers would love to help! Call us for a free estimate. 

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