How to Use Paint to Transition Children’s Rooms

Aug 1, 2017

Using light or neutral colors in a baby's room can make it easier to transition as your child ages.Time flies. One minute you’re thinking about what colors to paint your nursery and the next you’ve got an unhappy older child or tween with a toddler-themed bedroom. But, there are several tricks you can apply to save yourself the hassle of repainting every couple years.

Here are a few options to make a smooth transition as your child ages.

Opt For One Focal Wall

Choosing to only paint one focal wall can be a great choice for a child’s room. It allows you to add a pop of color while leaving the rest of the room a clear base, ready to be accessorized at will. Bonus, if your child decides to change the color in the future, you’re only painting one wall instead of four.

Avoid Cutesy Patterns

Skipping patterns on the walls makes it easy to use accessories to help transition a room from child to teen tastes.Let’s face it. Your newborn baby doesn’t care about how cute their room is. Keeping your nursery somewhat simple will allow you to easily transform your baby’s room to better match their personality as they grow older. Chances are, a 3rd grader probably isn’t going to be into that cutesy teddy bear pattern you decided on for the nursery.

Of course, you want your baby’s room to be warm and comforting for both you and the baby. Choosing a neutral color scheme can allow you to easily add stencils or sticker patterns that reflect their interests down the line if your little one opts to go that route.

Invest In Wall Hangings

Wall hangings provide a theme to a room and are easily customized to reflect your little one’s personality as they grow. Using wall art for a nursery instead of painting a room can give your kids the ability to customize their room 100% once they’ve gotten old enough. And just think: You’re still only painting a room once. 

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