Festive Fall Centerpieces and Decorating

Nov 27, 2013

Fall ColorsIt’s the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house, the mother was stirring with flour on her blouse. The ingredients are all laid out on the table with care, ready to be dumped into the pumpkin pie with a flair.

Does this little rhyme sound familiar in your house this morning? You’ve probably got everything ready for a day full of cooking to set the table tomorrow with a loads of gourmet food. But, wait, there is one thing you might have forgotten. What about setting that table with beautiful centerpiece? Three Brothers Painting is going to help you out this Thanksgiving with some suggestions on how to make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece with the right fall colors.

Fall Color Palette

When looking to find the right color palette for fall, just look outside. Take inspiration from the colors of the changing leaves and the foliage on your landscaping. Think in terms of oranges, yellows, warm browns, and bright reds. It’s easy to add these colors to your home in inexpensive ways. Change the color of an accent wall. Remove your blue throw blankets and exchange them for a cozy brown or warm yellow. Bring fall into your bedroom by using bedding in oranges, reds, and greens.

Crafting a Centerpiece

Fall is all about au-natural. Again, look to the outdoors for inspiration. Pick up pinecones that are in good shape, cut trimmings of changing leaves, and use disks of wood to hold your place settings. Coordinate your dinnerware in shades of brown and green to compliment the orange and reds of the table accents.

The most beautiful thing that you can have around your table this Thanksgiving is your family. Three Brothers Painting wishes you and yours a warm and cozy day full of turkey, stuffing, and lots of thanks for those around you.

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