Making the Most Out of Your Small Retail Space

Nov 22, 2013

Black Friday is only one week away and if you’re one of the businesses in Woodstock, Georgia, Alpharetta, Roswell, or surrounding areas that are taking part in the yearly shopping frenzy, you should be busily prepping your store now for the onslaught of customers. Whether or not you are participating on Black Friday, the next month is serious shopping time for the holidays and you want to make your store look its best.

If you’re working with a small retail space where you’re trying to squish in a lot of products, making everything look its best can be challenging. Three Brothers Painting has some tips for you on how to take your space to the next level and invite customers to browse through to find their perfect gift.

Retail Space1. Add a Bold Color

Painting accent walls with bold colors gives the illusion that the walls are shrinking away and actually make the space appear larger. Paint is also cost effective and can be done in a small space without too much disruption. You could even do a colorful fabric or wall paper to add different textures and patterns to your store.

2. Create Windows

Open up windows where there were none before. Do it by cutting out a window of a wall that separates two walls to open up and connect the two spaces. You could line an entire wall with light, linen drapes to give the room an airy “open window” feel, or hang tall drapes on either side of a mirror to make the room seem more open and larger. Hanging any mirrors will give the appearance that the room is larger and you can create particularly interesting effects if you hang them in particular patterns around the room.

3. Light up Your Space

Lighting is essential, especially in small spaces. Think in terms of all different types of lighting: sconces, track lights, over head lights, and floor lamps. Make sure that you don’t leave a corner of your space in the dark because that just means you’ve essentially lost that square footage.

Three Brothers Painting offers our interior painting and small repair services to businesses in the Woodstock area. Give us a call today so that we can help you spice up your retail space before you get the holiday rush!

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