Construction-less Kitchen (or Bathroom) Makeover

Nov 2, 2012

When it comes to the holidays, you and your family are going to be spending lots of extra time in both the kitchens and bathrooms of your home. You know your dreaded mother-in-law is coming over and everything has to be ‘just-so’ to get her seal of approval but you’re down to the wire and the wallet is looking slim so what are you going to do to liven up your home? Let Three Brothers Painting help you brighten up your bathroom or clean up your kitchen with some fresh coats of paint on the cabinets!

Find the Look

Take some time and wander around the internet – look through our photo gallery, browse popular home decorating websites and start dog-earing looks that you like. When you can settle on one or two, compare them to your own spaces and see just how similar they may be!

Pick the Paint Color

Once you settle on a look, your next step is going to be finding that perfect paint color to achieve it. want a festive, cozy choice? HGTV’s November color of the month is Chestnut Brown. To figure out what color you want, go to your local paint store and gather up some swatches and samples and find the perfect shade for your space. When you are choosing paint for kitchen or bathroom cabinets in particular, using the correct paint finish is going to be key. Check out our past blog post about the topic to get some tips and tricks on what to choose.

Low Impact, Huge Results

More additions you can make to your kitchen would be to transform your refrigerator into a chalkboard with a custom made frame and board attached via magnets to the front of your fridge. For your bathroom, look at where you can add shelves, or spruce up old ones! Remove the old cabinet doors off of a sink vanity to go for an open shelf look and store all of your miscellaneous items in wicker baskets.

Photo from Flickr

Once you’ve picked your paint colors and changes, contact us at Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA and let us help you make your kitchen or bath makeover come together in time for the holidays and on a budget that won’t stress your wallet.

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