Woodstock Georgia Real Estate Trends for 2015

Jun 15, 2015

Is your Woodstock, Georgia home ready to be listed for sale in the real estate market?Summer is here and that means real estate season! Do you have your house on the market? Are you planning to list it this summer? Make your home standout by taking advantage of a few trends.

Front Door

The front door can set the tone for your listing. Clear out any cob webs and make sure the door is clean. You may even want to consider a fresh coat of paint. Do you have a front porch? Spruce it up with potted plants that complement your home’s exterior. Comfy looking seating my also make potential buyers feel at home.

Wall Colors

For a long time “builder beige” was the preferred wall color among home buyers. A warm neutral, it looked great with a variety of décor and didn’t intimidate. Light beige colors are still a great choice, but the trend is now moving toward light grey colors.

Grey is another flexible neutral that looks great with almost anything. Grey has some flexibility, too. It is starting to pop up on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It gives these rooms a more modern look without overwhelming.

Crown Molding and Trim

Bright white trim helps homes look clean and fresh.  When you’re preparing your home for showings, go over the baseboards to remove dust or dirt. If you notice any scuffs, use a damp towel or sponge to remove them.

Crown molding can be a simple DIY project that adds some impact to your home. Putting it up in dining rooms, formal living rooms and the master suite can really make your home stand out. Make sure to paint your crown molding to match the rest of the trim.

Charging Stations

With all of the electronics we use from day-to-day, be it cell phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, it’s not rare to see people looking for outlets everywhere they go.

Give potential home buyers extra confidence by creating charging stations – little areas of the house where they can plug in technology without creating a mess, or having to go to an out-of-the-way spot. Don’t forget, many homes have routers in addition to cell phones and other portable electronics. Creating a little niche near the television or in workspace is a great way to let potential buyers know the house is ready for them.

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