What’s the Difference in Interior Paint Sheens?: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 31, 2019

Do you want your interior paint to last you longer and also retain its beauty? Then you’re probably wondering about paint sheens. There are probably 1,000 different brands, varieties, and colors that are causing you some anxiety. But there’s no need for that. We’ve got you covered! Just so you can make an educated decision, we’ll cover the three most popular and durable options.

Thee Top Interior Paint Sheens: Everything You Need to Know

Maybe you’re not too familiar with paint sheen, or maybe you’ve spent hours at the hardware store trying to decide on an option. Either way, we’ll give you the ins and outs of what you need to know to make a decision and get to painting. While we could go through several, there’s really only three that tend to be the best for your interior walls.

  1. Flat – this sheen has a flat or dull finish. It’s not shiny and brings a high pigment to any surface. This type of paint is best used in areas with low traffic so that it is not exposed to higher amounts of dirt or moisture. We recommend using it in bedrooms and areas that won’t be roughed up by pets or children. In particular, you can use a warm color that will soak up rather than reflect light to give you a few extra snooze minutes.
  2. Eggshell – the middleman between flat and satin, this sheen creates a smooth look that is best suited for spaces like the dining or living room. It’s a low-luster and subtle sheen that creates a clean, modern, and calm environment for any occasion. It also helps to disguise small imperfections that might currently exist on your walls.
  3. Satin – this type of sheen will have a velvety look that creates more luster in any space. It is much more durable than the previously mentioned options and will hold up to higher traffic areas. Therefore, it is much easier to clean as well. We recommend using this type of paint in your entryway, hallways, and living rooms that get a little more action.

These sheens are available in a multitude of colors and will fit any taste in your interior design. Take stock of each room you plan to paint, pick a color and a sheen, and you’re off to creating your dream home. You can find these at hardware stores and paint-specific stores, and you can now impress any store clerk with your paint sheen knowledge!

DIY or Hire A Painting Professional?

Interior painting can be a fun DIY job. If you’re up to the task, have a blast! If you’re more into supervising than elbow grease, we understand. Also, when hiring a professional, they will take the time to clean your walls and prep the room prior to beginning. An additional task that can be time-consuming and tedious. If you hire Three Brothers Painting, we’ll make sure that every inch of your furniture or cabinetry is covered, we’ll get any space painted quickly and with quality. In fact, you don’t pay a dime until you are 100% satisfied.

Whatever you decide, it’s time to get that house looking like your home.

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