What Color Should I Paint the Trim?

Feb 1, 2017

What color should I paint the trim? For many people, this question has a basic answer – white!

But that doesn’t have to be the answer. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, trim can have any one of a variety of colors or finishes.

White Trim

White trim helps colored walls pop.White trim is a classic. White or light walls with white trim help a room look big and airy. Glossy white trim can help highlight architectural details, like crown molding and decorative door frames.

White trim also helps make colored walls pop. Add a little extra magic by selecting a pure white, or blue white in rooms that get a lot of natural light. This tone will really make the details stand out. If the colors on your walls are warm, select a warmer white, or even an off-white to showcase the walls.

Homes painted in neutral colors look a little more exciting, and benefit from the contrast white trim provides. Plus, rooms with wood floors look more modern with white trim, rather than stained or wood tone trim.

Stained Wood Trim

Stained trim is common in older homes and Victorian homes.Country cabins and rustic homes look amazing with stained wood trims. The natural wood warms up the space and in a kitchen, provides a nice compliment to cabinetry. For a modern rustic look, keep all the woods in the same color family. For a more eclectic or country look, mix and match wood tones.

Many historic homes also feature wood trim. In many cases the trim has a dark stain and almost frames rooms and doorways.  Dark stained trim added a masculine touch to Victorian rooms that often had fussy features and décor. In modern decorating, the stained trim adds texture to a sleek room.

Neutral Trim

Trim in neutral colors, or trim painted to match the wall color is a very contemporary look. It often makes spaces look larger and works nicely with open floor plan layouts. Homes with stained glass windows or other bold features benefit because neutral trim does not compete with these details.

Black or Dark Trim

Dark paint can make the rooms in your Woodstock, GA home stand out.Black trim is another classic look. Dark trim frames the view from windows and gives rooms depth. Dark crown molding draws the eye up, highlighting architectural details. Black trim also looks great with grays, a popular neutral shade. If you still want the drama of dark trim, but aren’t ready to go for black, select another dark tone like a slate gray or dark brown in the same color or tone family as the color on your walls. The dark color will add visual interest to the room, even if it isn’t black.

Other Trim Colors

Want to liven up a bland room? Try something really modern? Introduce color without painting all the walls? Colored trim is the way to go! A fun color on a chair rail or molding in a bedroom makes the room come alive – and with minimal investment in paint and time.

Are you ready to get started? Three Brothers is here for you! Our teams can handle all the trim, chair rail and crown molding you can throw at us! And if you’re unsure of the finish you should use — glossy, flat, etc. ask one of our estimators. They’ll be able to give you a great recommendation based on their experience and how you use your home. Call us to get started!

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