What are the Ideal Conditions for Exterior House Painting?

Nov 5, 2022

Winter weather conditions can severely affect the paint not only when you are trying to apply it to your house, but also the way it dries and its adhesion to your siding. Georgia’s milder fall and winter months often fluctuate in temperature, ranging from mid-50’s and 60’s, depending on how much rain we receive.

Weather Factors That Affect Exterior Painting

The most obvious problem that weather can present for exterior house painting is, of course, precipitation. A house that has wet siding cannot be painted and you certainly cannot paint while it is raining or snowing. Humidity is also a deciding factor in optimal painting conditions. If the humidity is too high – above 70% – the evaporation of water from latex paint will be suppressed and the paint will not dry properly. Temperature is a major factor when it comes to applying exterior house paint. Even though it is 70 degrees outside, if you paint an area that has been in the sun all day, the siding could rise to temperatures in excess of 130 degrees. Most paint works best between 50 and 70 degrees. To ensure the proper temperatures of the siding, the house can be painted in strategic sections, working on the west side of your home first thing in the morning to avoid afternoon heat.

What Happens to Paint Applied in the Wrong Conditions

If your house gets painted under these improper conditions, you have pretty much just wasted your time and money. Paint that is not given the proper time to cure can blister and swell when it gets wet in the rain or affected by high humidity. If paint is applied when the weather is too cold or too hot, it will not bond properly to the surface and will be likely to crack and peel upon drying.

Best Time to Paint the Exterior of your Home in Georgia

Temperatures in the low 70s and no rain in the forecast are the perfect kind of days to paint the exterior of your house. Typically the recommended time to get your house painted in our region is in the end of winter, going into spring. This is typically when we have the mildest weather with the lowest humidity.

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