We’re Ready for Fall- Are You?

Oct 10, 2014

Fall in Georgia seems to come later than it does in other places. Regardless of the warm temperature, the days are still getting shorter and the leaves are starting to fall. With the holiday season quickly approaching, you’re probably starting to consider what to do to get your home ready for the change in season before you get booked up with holiday parties, dinners and more. Here are a few items to put on your list of “things to do” before the holidays are in full swing.

  • Clean the gutters and check for leaks. It’s more important now than ever as leaves are beginning to fall!ID-10059308
  • Check the caulk and seals around your windows and doors. Once you start firing up the heater at night you’ll want to make sure that no energy is going to waste.
  • Hire an HVAC professional to check out your heater. It’s been a few months since you’ve used it and you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t go out at an inopportune time. Most HVAC technicians can check for Carbon Monoxide, too.
  • Stock up on firewood. Whether you cut it yourself or have it delivered you’ll want to make sure you store it in a place where it will remain dry.
  • Plan ahead! At Three Brother’s Painting we do more than just paint. We can even hang your holiday lights when the time comes, which will be sooner than you think!

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