Understanding Millennial Home Buyers

Apr 14, 2017

Millennials are looking for homes in Woodstock, Georgia!Until recently, Millennials avoided home ownership. Now as the generation becomes established in careers and neighborhoods, they are starting to purchase apartments, town homes and single family homes. This is great for the real estate market, but Millennial buyers have different priorities than Gen X and Boomers.

The generations that preceded Millennials were focused on school districts, open floor plans and lot sizes. Millennials are looking for green homes in walk-able neighborhoods. A suburban home can still appeal to a younger buyer. Here’s how to make your property stand out if you don’t live near Downtown Woodstock or Historic Downtown Roswell.

High Tech Features

Do you have USB compatibility in your electrical outlets? Point it out! High tech wiring, and wireless features are also big selling points. Is there a cutting edge internet provider in your neighborhood? Any enhancements you’ve made to the home to improve connectivity and wi-fi will go a long way to making your home stand out.

Alternative Uses for the Dining Room

Millennials are more casual than past generations. Even if they do have large gatherings, they are likely to serve up food in an open kitchen/family room area, allowing people to eat at the counter, table and even at the couches. For them the dining room is more likely to be used as a home office, game room, or even a secondary living room. Show of the versatility of this space to appeal to Millennial buyers.

Environmentally Friendly

Millennials are more conscious of “green” features. If you have solar panels on your home, or your HOA allows solar panels, these are great selling points. Neighborhood recycling programs are also appealing. Finally, if you’ve updated rooms in the home with “reclaimed” or recycled materials, make this a big highlight.

Wood Floors

Millennials are not fans of carpet! While it may not be reasonable to remove and replace carpet throughout a home, updating great rooms, family rooms, or other high use rooms with wood will make the home more appealing.

Location! Location! Location!

Yes, we’ve said this before, but it’s different for Millennials. Gen X wanted locations close to great schools. Millennials want locations that are walk-able, bike-able, or close to public transportation – that include park and ride lots. Does your area have Uber and Lyft drivers? That is rare in many of the suburbs, so if you have it, flaunt it!

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