Turn Your Garage into a Showroom with Painted Floors

Apr 24, 2021

Spring is typically the time when homeowners get in the mood to clean out their garages and purge old stuff. For a number of men, their garage is their sanctuary, and they want to treat it as such. After cleaning out the junk, organizing the tools, and finding a place for everything, a stained, oily garage floor makes the area look unfinished.

To finish off your garage, we recommend adding a colorful, shiny epoxy floor coating that will have you feeling like you’re driving into a showroom every time you pull into your driveway. Epoxy not only tops off the pro look but also resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean like a kitchen counter. Color chips and custom paint colors hide imperfections in the concrete, and antiskid additives give you the grip you need on a rainy day.

A Three Brothers Painting garage floor job will typically go like this:

  • We start with a pressure wash with muriatic acid, which breaks down oil, rubber, and skid marks that may have been left over time.  
  • After drying. if you chose concrete floor stain, it is applied like a regular paint job.  We first cut the edges around the area and then roll the floor, making sure to maintain a wet edge (no part dries before moving onto another section, otherwise it doesn’t look even.) After 24 hours of drying, we apply a second coat. After about 5 days, your new floor is ready.
  • For the epoxy finish, the first part of the process is the same. We pressure wash the floors with muriatic acid. For the epoxy floors, there are two parts needed to combine and form a solid color, then the edges of the floor are cut and rolled. During the drying process, the paint chips are broadcasted before the epoxy base dries. This can look speckled or very concentrated, depending on the homeowner’s preference. After allowing 24 hours to dry, we apply a clear coat topcoat sealer to give a stronger, more durable finish with a high sheen. The top coat needs to dry for a full five days before stepping or driving on the surface.

Both Sherwin Williams and Porter Paints are our products of choice for painting garage floors. Sherwin Williams’ H&C Concrete Stain is what we recommend for stained floors, and Porter Paints’ DTR epoxy as a base with Pitthane topcoat sealer will give your garage floors a long-lasting showroom finish.

If you’re interested in finishing off your garage floors with either a concrete stain or epoxy painted floor, don’t hesitate to give our team of trusted painters a call to turn your garage into a masterpiece you want to show off!

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