Top Painting Tips from Three Brothers Painting

Jul 15, 2017

With more than 25 years of experience under our belts, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves. Want to learn some of our secrets?

Exterior Painting

Before you paint, always make sure you pressure wash to prep your home for paint.

Not sure what colors to go with? Here are the guidelines we recommend – though when in doubt, err on the side of your HOA!

When you start painting, try to paint in the shade. This will help the color dry at a pace that helps the house look uniform and doesn’t show marks where strokes started and stopped. Here are 3 Things to Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior.

Interior Painting

Once inside, prep and priorities change. The HOA is probably less picky about your interior wall colors, but you spouse may be! And if you’re getting ready to list, choose neutral colors.

Part of your interior prep includes cleaning and repairing the walls. A Swiffer is great for getting dust off the drywall, and make sure you smooth out rough spots with a light sanding. This is also the perfect time to Fix Holes in Drywall.

Once your walls are prepped and your colors are chosen, it’s time to get your tools. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but do yourself a favor and stay away from dollar stores when Choosing Your Painting Tools.

Are you painting with a dark color? Make it look amazing.

When it’s time to paint trim, or bathrooms and kitchens, there is often a debate about what kind of paint finish to use. Before you pick one, make sure you know When to use Gloss or High Gloss Paint.

Paint Clean Up Tips

You’re done painting, hooray! Now you just have to clean up and store your leftover paint. We’ve got you covered!

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