‘Tis the Season: It’s Time to Finish/Refinish Your Deck with Fresh Stain or Paint

Jul 22, 2019

It’s time for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and many other outdoor activities. Before you invite the neighborhood over, look out your back door. Are you a little embarrassed about the state of your deck? You’re not the first person, and you won’t be the last. But don’t fret. We can help bring dignity back to that wood structure. Here’s what we can do, and how we can help.

The Ins and Outs of Finishing or Refinishing Your Wood Patio

The very first step to finishing or refinishing your deck is pressure washing. While you can do it yourself or hire a handyman, when hiring our team we require this as a part of our process to ensure the warranty as a part of your deck staining package. We will ensure that the deck is properly cleaned and up to our top-quality standards. If it’s not properly cleaned, the new coat of stain will chip or mold, in essence ruining your the new job and eating into your wallet.

Next step is to choose your stain. You have a few options in color and transparency:

  1. Transparent – this translucent stain will bring out the natural color and grain texture.
  2. Semi-Transparent – this stain adds hints of colors while still showcasing the grain texture.
  3. Semi-Solid – this stain adds more color with hints of grain texture.
  4. Solid – this more opaque stain gives a long-lasting, even coat with less texture coming through.

Choose a Stain That’s Best for the Age and Condition of Your Deck

If you’re looking to refinish your deck, and you are particular to a semi-transparent stain, it can be done. However, if there’s a lot of stain buildup, it can be a costly process. If you’re willing to make the investment, we can use a stripper and use a deck brightener to bring back the natural color to an older deck. The easiest option is to go with a solid stain, basically paint, which will go over any other solid stain, and you don’t have to worry about variances (like two-toned, zebra colors). 

If you’re in the market to stain a brand new deck, you have far more options including using a deck brightener to remove mill glaze. As long as it’s cleaned, you can choose from any of the colors or transparencies. However, you do need to take into account the type of stain that you’re using. You can choose oil-based as it lasts longer, but it is limited in color and as an organic element, it is a food source for mildew. The other option is latex, which has a much wider variety of colors including honey, red, green, mocha, chocolate, grays, blues and more. It’s a great option for someone that wants color while still seeing the wood grain. If you’re looking to get more exotic with your color choice, you can get latex acrylic solid stain, which can be tinted to almost any color you want from the paint manufacturer.

Whichever way you go, it is important to hire a staining professional. This can be a DIY project, but if you’re looking for something done at the highest quality that will last you a very long time, it’s best to leave it to us. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied before getting paid a dime. So, contact us today for a consultation.

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