Tips for Decorating Your Home for Fall

Oct 23, 2014

One of the best things about each new season is finding new and exciting ways to incorporate the colors and textures from the outdoors with your indoor decor.  The fall has a very distinct palette of colors that is one of the highlights of the season. Here are some beautiful ways to tie in those fall colors while also including the natural aspects:

  • It doesn’t have to be all about pumpkin! Decorate with different seasonal squashes too! Acorn, Butternut and all varieties of Fall squash make great decor, hey, they even taste great too!
  • fall decoration

    photo via flickr

    Get tricky with your treats. Have a scratched up plastic pumpkin basket who’s trick-or-treating career is over? Paint it black with matte black paint to create an adorable chalkboard pumpkin! Write a message to your trick-or-treaters and display your favorite fall container plant!

  • Leave the carving for the turkey. Pumpkins are adorable as Jack-O-Lanterns, but you can also do amazing things with paint! This less dangerous option also allows for more creativity to flow (safely).
  • Pinecones are versatile and make great accents that can be used throughout your home. Pinecones can be spray painted different colors and used for decor in festive baskets, wreaths or even in a mason jar as an added statement with a little Southern flair. They can even be collected and used as Christmas ornaments. Take the little ones outside and start searching through the yard!

Feeling inspired? It’s time to get started.  The leaves are changing and the holidays are approaching quickly, which means your home is going to have more visitors. Give them something to talk about! For more information on how Three Brothers Painting can give your home a stand-out edge, contact us today!

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