The One Thing You Want Stained – Your Deck and Fencing

Mar 8, 2013

Stains are something we mostly try to avoid – and all good mothers carry around their handy Tide To-Go pen – but there is one kind of stain that you certainly need and that is deck or fence stain! Three Brothers Painting can stain your deck or fencing at your Woodstock, GA home to preserve the wood from wood rot and mildew and preserve its good looks and quality for years to come.

The MUST Haves of Deck and Fence Staining

The most important part of staining a deck is making sure you have plenty of time to complete the project. Your staining timeline should include ample time to complete the project along with allowing pressure treated lumber to cure if you are working with new lumber. Regardless of new or old, your deck must be cleaned. Pressure washing will remove the mill scale – the crushing of the grain that takes place during the milling process – from new decks and dirt, graying, and mildew from old decks. After drying, a light sanding will smooth out the wood and make stain application even across the entire deck area.

Oil vs. Latex Stain

While oil used to be the preferred stain option, latex has recently taken over as the first choice for deck stain. While we still offer oil based stain to our customers, we do not recommend it because it tends to cause more mildew and it is harder to apply. Latex based stain is our first option because manufacturers have engineered their latex stains to be more durable and longer lasting than conventional oil-based alternatives. They clean up with soap and water – which means no harsh solvents to breathe – resist weathering, dry quickly, are easier on the environment, and can be applied to wood that is not completely dry. Application differs between products as well – latex is brushed onto floors and sprayed onto handrails and spindles, but oil requires application by hand for the entire project.

Types of Fence and Deck StainDeck Stain Img

Clear Stain

– Will protect wood from moisture
– Causes water to bead up
– Preserves against wood rot
– Little to no UV protection – Wood will grey naturally
– Will need new application each year

Semi-Transparent Stain

– Will protect wood from moisture
– Causes water to bead up
– Many different colors to choose from
– Increased UV protection against wood graying due to pigments in the stain
– Difficult to change the color once applied
– 2-3 Years before reapplication – Deeper colors last longer

Solid Stain

– Most moisture protection
– Not recommended for flooring due to potential to peel – Typically used for rails
– Completely opaque – Comparable to paint
– Will retain color the longest but will need touch up when it starts to peel

Summer is just around the corner, and Three Brothers Painting wants to help you get your outdoor living spaces in shape for all the entertaining you have planned. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on staining your deck or backyard fencing at your Woodstock, GA home!

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