The Most Supportive Detail in Your Home is Not Getting the Love It Deserves: Staining Your Handrails

Feb 5, 2020

Many times when purchasing a new home, most of the color throughout the house is a boring or stark white. As you start to add your own personal aesthetic to your home, you may start noticing that the handrailing on the stairs could also use a little pick-me-up. You’ve already placed your rugs, painted the walls, and hung your art, and that handrail is just begging to be given some life.

You’re in luck, many people choose to paint their handrails to create a cohesive look from the first floor to the second. Even better luck, it’s relatively inexpensive to prime and paint your handrails to match your decor. Of course, there are several options when choosing how to go about adding color to that staircase support, so let’s dig in.

Options for Painting Your Handrails In Your Home

Gel Stain – If you are moving into a new home that has left the banister wood exposed, you’ve got it easy! You can get out your favorite color gel stain and go to work. Some popular colors include black, charcoal, or white. Some popular gel stain brands include General Finishes, Minwax, and Varathane. If your handrail is already painted, get out your sanding tools!

Painting with Oil-based Satin Finish – Because handrails are used regularly, you may want to consider an oil-based satin finish paint. These have the durability to outlast all the contact from hands, grimy or clean! Common colors are black, dark gray, or even your trim color to keep it simple. 

Hiring a Professional for Your Handrail Staining Job

As we said, It is relatively affordable to have someone come out to sand and paint your handrails. It can be a DIY project, but some find it tedious to sand and paint each individual baluster. And no one likes a half-done job! So, give us a call today, and we can help you decide on colors, stain type, and give you a quote to take care of the whole thing for you.

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