The Latest Deck Trend: Gray

Mar 31, 2017

As you’re pressure washing and getting your deck ready for the summer, are you considering repainting or staining? If so, you might want to pick a shade of gray.

Gray decks are becoming popular with Atlanta homeowners for a variety of reasons. Here’s a few of them:

Indoor/Outdoor Transitions: More people are expanding their indoor living space out to their decks. Gray is a great color to help with that transition. As a neutral it’s easy to mix and match with furniture and may coordinate with flooring choices in the adjacent room.

Grey decks are becoming popular in Atlanta area homes.Modern Look: Home owners going for a modern update often choose gray for a sleek look. Lighter gray has more of a high tech feel, while mid and darker tones are more industrial. Both work for people with a modern design sense.

Neutral: Gray is a neutral tone which means it works well on its own, or paired with other colors, especially bold hues. Gray also looks nice in wooded areas. Yards with lots of trees and shrubs get a nice sense of space when gray is used on the deck. The deck and the yard each stand out.

Beachy: If you favor a seaside look, gray and white is the way to go. The colors are reminiscent of boardwalks and beach houses. Add an umbrella, some ocean waves sound effects and a shell center piece and you’ll have a bit of your favorite beach right outside your door.

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