How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls

Feb 22, 2013

You’re feeling like your house is a bit bland and you want to turn up the design dial a notch, so what to do? PAINT! Of course, at Three Brothers Painting, we think the easiest way to make a serious change for the better is to add a new coat of paint to any room in your house. Whether its the foyer, kitchen, or your bedroom, changing up the color or style theme in one room if your house can change the feel of your whole home.

To add some real zest, take a tip from your childhood favorite, Cat in the Hat! You remember his tall white and red striped hat, right? Maybe its time to think about adding a stripe to your walls! Now, don’t let Dr. Seuss’ character get you worried, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as red and white stripes, you could go with something as subtle as two different paint finishes in the same color painted on as stripes. For example, in the dining room use your favorite taupe to paint the whole walls in an eggshell finish, then go back an add semigloss stripes in the same color. You will create a subtle, classy effect while still adding some ‘play’ to your paint.

You can keep it simple with just one, wide stripe going around the whole room in a color that is just slightly darker than the wall color, like we did in this bedroom.

Bedroom Blue Stripe

 Or add some drama with a stripe that is bold and a contrasting color to the walls, such as this dark blue stripe around a light blue room.

Black Stripe

Adding stripes to a room can be a bit tricky.  You need to be sure to use good painters tape and a laser level to get all of your lines perfect. If you are thinking about adding some stripes and doing some interior house painting in your Alpharetta, GA home, give Three Brothers Painting a call and we will get the job done quickly and at a price that fits into your budget!

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