Spice Up Your Front Porch (And Save the Green)

Apr 7, 2014

IMG_8838So, you are one of the thousands of Americans that just doesn’t have a green thumb. You’ve tried even the most “foolproof” of plants and they just can’t make it under your care. Don’t let that deter you from having a beautiful front porch! There are many ways to make your front stoop inviting for your guests, while sparing the plant life.

Make Your Front Door Pop

The entrance to your home is the first page in the story of your life that you are painting for your guests. Why make it boring? Choose a bright red, blue, green, or yellow paint color that shows off the personality of you and your family!

Give it a Glow

We are attracted to beautifully lit spaces. Make sure that your front porch exudes and ambiance of warmth and welcome. There are all kinds of great fixtures out there. Choose a few different lighting options that you can turn off and on according to the season and time of day. An over head light is a must, if you have a seating area make sure to include a lamp or two, too.

Make Sure They Can Find You

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for an address and not being able to find the numbers. Make sure your guests – and the mail man – can find you! Whether you make unique wooden numbers or hand paint them onto your door or wall, just make sure they are easy to read and find.

Do you have a “brown thumb?” What have you done to make your front porch inviting without wasting the life of another flower?

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