So Long, Chalkboard!

Oct 11, 2013

Say good by to antiquity and welcome in a new age of creativity. No more beating out erasers and only being able to write in one color – white. Get ready, because Idea Paint is taking the mischief out of writing on walls, and making it an admirable pursuit! Three Brothers Painting is now offering Idea Paint to welcome creativity into your home or office with open arms.

Idea Paint in the Kitchen

Image courtesy of Idea Paint’s Flickr feed.

Idea Paint is one of our newest products that we are offering to our Roswell, GA customers. It comes in several options – not just your run of the mill white dry erase board. While the traditional white is always an option, Idea Paint also comes in a black variety, and clear so that it can be painted over any color. This means that while the walls in your home don’t have to look different, they can certainly function differently.

How It Works

Clear Idea Paint can be painted onto any existing wall in your home and it is transformed into a dry erase surface. If you want to go with the white or black idea paint, we simply roll it on, let it dry, and it’s time for you to get creative. While most people automacilly see Idea Paint hard at work in an office or school, it fits in your home environment too, turning any wall or flat surface into a hard working creation machine.

Some ideas for Idea Paint in your home:

  1. In the kitchen – Paint clear Idea Paint on that blank space next to your refrigerator or inside one of your cabinets or pantry door – now you’ve got a space for keeping track of what’s in the pantry, and what’s on your shopping list.
  2. In the bathroom – How many times have you seen “BFF4EVR” scrawled on the inside of a bathroom stall door? Give your bathroom a space to leave love notes or reminders to brush for the full 2 minutes.
  3. In the laundry room – Which pile is clean and which pile is dirty? Are you loading the washer with only whites? Paint Idea Paint onto the wall above your washer and dryer to keep track of the weekly laundry schedule.

Have you gotten the ‘Idea’? Give Three Brothers Painting a call today – we’re ready to give your ideas a space to get creative.

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