Revive an Old Deck

Apr 21, 2014

Deck Revive

Deck Revive was used on this decking on the stairs, floor, and top of the hand rail. A solid stain was used on the spindles – hence the texture difference.

Have you been looking at Trex decking but you aren’t ready to make the investment to rip out your old deck and replace it with the composite boards? Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA offers a great alternative that gives you virtually the same results. Deck Revive turns your regular wood deck into a smooth surface that looks and feels just like Trex decking.

What is Deck Revive?

Deck Revive is an acrylic based polymer deck coating that turns old decks, docks, and other treated lumber into a trex-like surface. It prevents the cycle of expansion and contraction that destroys wood.

What Sets Deck Revive Apart?

With a lifespan of 10-12 years and little to no maintenance, Deck Revive is worlds apart from your traditional deck stain or paint. It is scuff, stain, and fire-resistant and makes old wood look like new.

When staining your deck, you must be careful which type of stain you choose for environmental and health reasons. Oil based stains are smelly and require chemical solvents that release VOCs  to clean up. Deck Revive eliminates the toxicity of resurfacing your outdoor living space. It is water-based, VOC-free, and non-toxic.

There are limitless options to the color scheme when working with Deck Revive. Simply choose your favorite latex paint and the Deck Revive compounds are added to the paint to turn it into a unique roll on compound that will save your wooden deck from the harsh weather conditions.

Three Brothers Painting would like to help you get your outdoor living space in shape for the beautiful spring weather and outdoor entertaining season. Let us help you revive your deck with Deck Revive and skip the old deck staining tradition this year!

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