Put Your Ideas on the Wall With Idea Paint

Jul 12, 2013

Three Brothers Painting in Roswell, GA does more than just interior and exterior house painting, we are also available for your office or business space. We are offering a brand new product that is great for those creative spaces – idea paint! This is a new, innovative product, that turns almost any wall into a giant whiteboard.

What is Idea Paint? Whiteboard Paint

Idea Paint is a product that applies just like other house paints – with a roller. With one, roll on coat, idea paint can transform almost any wall into a surface where you can scribble, sketch, brainstorm, and create. It is a perfect solution for offices, collaborative spaces, creative spaces, or even kids rooms. You could paint a wall in your child’s bedroom with idea paint and give them their own personal, giant coloring book – that way they couldn’t get in trouble for writing on the walls, because it would just wipe off.

Similar Products

There are similar products available that will turn walls and surfaces into whiteboards like Idea Paint, but none can match the quality and durability of Idea Paint. Other products either won’t stick to the surface you are painting, or the dry erase markers do not completely erase from the surface, leaving your wall looking dirty.

Three Brothers Painting is proud to offer this new product for your home, office, or corporate space. It not only serves the purpose of painting and protecting your walls, but turns your walls into a part of your office that you can put to work. With a new coat of Idea Paint in your meeting space, you could be brainstorming the next biggest idea! Give Three Brothers Painting a call today to get a consultation on Idea Paint for your Atlanta, GA office. 

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