Leave Popcorn at the Movies, Not on Your Ceilings

Jan 25, 2013

You walk into a movie theater and expect to see popcorn – but when you walk into a house and look up, popcorn should be the last thing you see.

Popcorn ceilings became popular in the 1950s supposedly as a noise deterrent. They were said to eliminate or reduce sound bouncing off of your ceilings and keep your homes quieter. Really, they were used to cover up poor drywall joints in the ceiling and they were quick and easy to apply at the end of construction. Nowadays, popcorn ceilings just date your home with their crunchy textured appearance and potentially introduce you to asbestos poisoning.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal is Not For the DIYerRemoving Popcorn Ceilings

While it may seem simple to scrape off a little bit of popcorn from overhead, it is an intensive process that could be dangerous if your ceilings contain asbestos (which not all of them do). The first step of the process is to send a sample of your ceiling to a professional lab and have it tested for asbestos. This way you know for sure just how precautions you need to be when getting the popcorn ceiling removed.

Calling In A Professional

The best choice when removing your popcorn ceilings is truly to call in a professional, like Three Brothers Painting. We will come in and swiftly remove your popcorn ceilings leaving you with a blank canvas ceilings that is free of all blemishes – and snack foods. Removing the old popcorn ceilings involves lots of water but we make sure to take extra care to protect your home and all of your furniture, floors, and walls. We will remove most of your light fixtures and cover all electrical outlets to protect them from water damage.

If you are interested in updating your home quickly and easily, give Three Brothers Painting a call and we will remove your popcorn ceilings while protecting your Alpharetta, GA home.

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