Pantone Color Forecast for Fall 2015

Aug 17, 2015

This autumn Pantone has selected a beautiful color palette with shades ranging from deep and rich to bright and airy. At the heart of the palette is Marsala. This dark color, reminiscent of wine, is one that both men and women can appreciate.

Pantone Autum 2015 Color MarsalaMarsala is a great transition color and truly brings the shades in this year’s color forecast into harmony. Child-friendly color schemes become more in tune with adult décor when Marsala is added to the mix. Marsala can even make the transition from traditional color schemes to beachy motifs.

Marsala can be used as an exterior paint color for a home, or as a decorator color inside. We even have some tips on how to decorate with dark colors like Marsala.

What other colors are in the Fall Forecast?

Desert Sage and Stormy Weather – These colors are cool neutrals. They are great for walls and furniture, as well as accent pieces. Even though they are more masculine colors, they work well for both men and women.

Oak Buff and Dried Herb – Oak Buff is a beautiful golden yellow. Dried Herb is a classic olive green. These colors evoke the look and feel of autumn colors and blend nicely with bolder color choices. These shades are perfect for transitioning home décor.

Cadmium Orange and Amethyst Orchid – Brighter colors that add sophistication and energy to any room. These colors are great for creative and active spaces. Whether brought in as accents, on furniture, or even on the walls, these colors inspire. And they coordinate nicely with Marsala and the other warm colors in Pantone’s Fall Forecast.

Now that you’ve gotten a preview of some of the colors, which will you use in your home or office? Will you use them as accents or statements? Please share your inspiration with us on our Facebook page.

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