Pantone Color Forecast for Fall 2014

Sep 5, 2014

With the fall approaching, you’re probably ready to retire your favorite summer hues to get more in sync with the quickly approaching fall season. We think this is the perfect opportunity to consider revamping your home with one of the coveted colors that have been projected to be popular by Pantone for fall 2014. Here is a compilation of some of the most popular colors that we think would look great in any Atlanta home.

  • Royal Blue: In color psychology, blue is meant to have a very calming and serene effect. This would be a great color for a bedroom to add that soothing touch.Paint Bucket
  • Aluminum: It goes without saying that neutral is always in. Going with this shade of gray could be the perfect change your space needs for a new vibe that isn’t too loud.
  • Misted Yellow: This shade of yellow could be the perfect accent for you fall decor. It’s a bit more subtle than it’s sunnier counterparts but will be a lovely reminder that spring and summer will come again.
  • Cypress: Bring in the new season with this earthy green hue for your home. If it isn’t ideal for your walls, it can surely be incorporated in your decor, too.

The full list of Pantone colors for fall 2014 can be seen here. 

Does anyone feel an chill in the air? Maybe not, but we’re inspired and ready for the fall updates to all of the Atlanta area homes!


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