Painting Your Home’s Brick Exterior

Mar 9, 2021

Painted brick will revitalize an exterior that is showing its age, whether it be discolored brick, repairs that don’t blend in, or an addition that was added on that has a different colored brick. Painting the brick is a solution to make them look uniform once again.

Painting Exterior Brick Painted brick exterior of a Woodstock home

If you’ve hired a painting contractor to paint the brick on the exterior of your home, make sure they take the proper steps to ensure it is done correctly. First, pressure washing with light pressure will take off any mildew, dirt, and general debris that gets built upon the brick. Care must be taken not to saturate the brick too much because it’s porous and can soak up water. Allow drying a couple of days before starting the painting process.

Make sure that it is primed with Loxon Concrete and Masonry primer to seal the brick. It tolerates the high Ph common in masonry and ensures a uniform look and long-lasting finish. Lastly, the brick should be top-coated by spray or roller with elastomeric latex paint.

Choose Complementary Colors for Brick 

Much like designing a home’s interior rooms, use the color wheel to guide you toward complementary colors for your home’s exterior. We often suggest testing out paint colors via Sherwin Williams’ Paint Color Visualizer, which allows you to play with colors for both interior and exterior areas. Or similarly, you can visit the Porter Paints Voice of Color website for additional color inspiration based on your home’s personality.

Painted brick is a home trend in metro Atlanta that is sure to last a long time. If you’re interested in painting the brick exterior of your home, contact Three Brothers Painting to set up a free estimate.

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