Painting Woes After Removing Wall Paper

Aug 4, 2013

Did you decide that you were tired of that crazy floral wall paper and took a go a removing it yourself? At first, the task seemed like it would be a breeze, but as you went you realized that wallpaper removal is not as easy as it looks. Not only was the wallpaper coming off in small pieces, strips, and leaving residue on the wall, but the wall paper was also tearing up the underlying sheet rock too. Three Brothers Painting knows how to remedy the problem and get your wall ready for a new coat of paint. Wallpaper Removal

First, you must remove all of the wallpaper and residue. If the wall was not properly primed before being wallpapered, it is likely that the top layer of drywall was removed with the paper during the process of removal. The first thing you must do is coat the wall in a layer of skim and allow it to dry over night. The next day, the whole wall needs to be sanded smooth. After the drywall has been repaired, the wall is ready for a coat of oil-based primer. After the primer has been allowed ample time to dry, check the wall again for any imperfections. If further patching is needed to create a smooth drywall surface, apply sheetrock mud and sand when dry. Spot prime any areas with newly applied mud. When the wall has been completely smoothed and primed, it is ready for your new coat of paint.

Removing wall paper may seem like a simple task, but for the average homeowner the process ends in frustration and a torn up wall, half covered in wallpaper debris and half torn up sheetrock wall. To avoid the mess and the hassle, just call Three Brothers Painting to your Roswell, GA home. We will get the job done quickly with no left behind mess and zero hassle for you!

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