Going Dark: How to Paint Using Dark Colors

May 15, 2017

Dark paint can make the rooms in your Woodstock, GA home stand out.Painting a room, or even just a focal wall in a room, a dark color can be a striking move. Dark colors sometimes show mistakes, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help make sure the new look of the room stands out in the best way possible.

  • Prime the walls. This isn’t always necessary, especially if you are starting with a light or white wall. However, a primer with a grey tint can really help your color to pop and depending on how dark your color is, may reduce the number of coats you need to paint.
  • Plan for at least two coats of paint, and possibly a third or even a fourth. Doing more than one coat of paint makes the color look better and can correct light strokes and other imperfections from the first coat of paint. Certain tones, like reds, sometimes need extra coats to get the full effect of the color.
  • Use a roller with a short nap. Long nap brushes can apply paint unevenly. Use a short nap to get a more even coat.
  • Be more aware of your paint job, especially along edges and corners. Mistakes are more obvious with darker colors, especially more drips.
  • Use the “W” technique with your roller. The “W” helps ensure better coverage and if you need to take a break, there won’t be an obvious line of demarcation where the paint started to dry before the wall was finished.
  • Consider painting the trim and molding the same color. Crisp, white trim pops against a dark color, but painting the trim and moldings to match the walls can give your room an extra, unique look.

One more option to consider when painting your metro Atlanta home: call Three Brothers! We know the techniques to get the best results and have all the necessary equipment.

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