Painting Over Mold: Just Say No!

Nov 16, 2012

One of the questions we get asked during our painting estimates is, “Can I paint over a wall with active mold or mildew?” Our answer is always “No,” and for good reason. If a wall in your home has been taken over by mold you cannot simply paint over it because the mold will resurface through the new paint. If the affected area is larger than 12 x 12, you may need to contact a mold specialist

All mold spores should be eliminated before painting. It can cause damage to you and your home in many ways as it feasts on decaying wood and wallboard. If left untreated it can: Visible mold and mildew

  • Weaken the floors,
  • Damage walls and ceilings
  • Break down caulk,
  • Deteriorate cellulose insulation, and
  • Destroy other organic materials

Some molds in the home can cause severe health problems such as asthma, headaches, dizziness, learning disabilities, flu like symptoms and severe breathing problems, so protect yourself while cleaning it up.

Treatment for Mold in Your Home

In order to ensure you are not just covering up a mold problem, make sure that you have washed the mold off any hard surfaces with detergent and water. Also, get rid of anything that is causing a moisture problem, such as correcting a leaky faucet. If the mold has penetrated the drywall, that section of the wall will have to be replaced. Use a mildew resistant water based primer before you paint. If you are using a fungicide to kill the mold, make sure you are adequately protected with a respirator, goggles and rubber gloves.

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