Paint and Primer in One: Worth the Splurge, or a Waste of Money?

May 9, 2013

They are advertised everywhere, from a variety of different paint brands: paint and primer in one. On the Lowes commercial the new couple cannot cover up the green stripes on the living room walls so the paint counter employee serves them with the magical 2-in-1 paint. “Higher (priced) quality paint”, they say.  So, is the extra ‘quality’ really worth the splurge? Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA wants you do know, the resounding answer is, “no!”

The Draw of Paint and Primer in OnePrimer Paint Img

The paint companies are able to capture you with the lure of paying a little more per can that will save you time by having to paint fewer coats of paint, and cover in the first coat or two. Hypothetically, this means you don’t have to use primer first, then paint, and you are going to end up buying fewer cans of paint/primer. But, unfortunately, its just a ploy.

Bite the Bullet – Use Primer

When you finally decide its time to invest in repainting your home, don’t cut corners. Just go ahead, and buy a good can of Kilz, Zinsser, or your favorite primer and go ahead and give everything a good once over. If you are painting latex paint over old latex paint, technically primer isn’t required to make the new coats of paint stick. In this instance, primer is a good idea to help your paint layers cover the old wall colors thoroughly.

Quality Paint

When choosing the brand of paint to use for your final coats, don’t skimp on your cost here either. Choosing a high quality paint means that it will cover in fewer coats, and last longer than cheaper versions that would easily scuff or rub off. Some of our favorite brands are Porter and Sherwin Williams.

Eliminate all of the hassle of trying to choose the right brand and right types of paint, and just give Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA a call. We can help you with all of your interior and exterior house painting needs to get your home freshened up for entertaining this summer!

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