Options for New Cabinet Finishes

Jul 26, 2013

Updating your kitchen cabinets is as easy as a new coat of paint – but there are so many choices! Today, Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA brings you a short description of the different types of finishing options available for your cabinetry.


Staining your cabinets allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through. If we are redoing your current kitchen cabinets, we would suggest using stain only if your current cabinets are already stained and you want to keep with that look. This way, the refinishing will require less sanding and stripping. We could simply add a new coat of a darker stain to your cabinetry. If you want your currently painted cabinets to be stained instead of painted, it would first require many hours of sanding to get all of the current paint removed.

Glazed Kitchen CabinetsGlaze

Adding a glaze to your cabinets adds depth and character. There are lots of options with glaze that range from the standard level of glaze that only puts a light sheen over the paint, to a heavy application of glaze that gets into all of the cracks and joints of your cabinets to highlight their edges.


This is becoming a popular cabinet finish. It is a hand rubbed finished that makes your cabinets look like they have been worn and are out of an older home, while you still get the function and accessories of your updated kitchen. It can be done to different levels to suit your particular taste.

Your Roswell, GA kitchen cabinets should not only be functional, but they should reflect your personal style, and work with the style of your home. If it is time for an update, give us a call at Three Brothers and we would be happy to show you examples of what we can do with your kitchen cabinets.

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