Oldie But Goodie

Jul 11, 2014

Deck Revive

Deck Revive was used on this decking on the stairs, floor, and top of the hand rail. A solid stain was used on the spindles – hence the texture difference.

Home remodeling trends tend to have homeowners ripping out old materials and replacing them with upgraded options. But, what about the money saving option of simply refinishing materials that are already in your home? Three Brothers Painting can help you save your old, worn deck and make it look brand new – without a several thousand dollar investment.

Why Your Stained or Painted Deck Weathers

Typical wood stains will last about 2-3 years, while a good coat of paint should last about 5. Each choice has its relative pros and cons, but the fact is that both types of deck coverings will need to be reapplied on a regular basis. The reason being is that while you are covering the wood with a protective coating, that coating is not permanent. Stain provides slightly better protection of the wood since it actually penetrates the wood fibers and can reduce the amount of water retention and therefore swelling and shrinking of the boards. Paint gives you a wider range of color options, but does not hold up well on large, horizontal surfaces that are constantly enduring the weather. Paint is also much more of an undertaking to remove and re-apply when it’s time for a fresh coat.

A Permanent Option

Many newer homes are being built with decks made of Trex – a wood alternative that is made of a mixture of recycled wood and recycled plastic. It is fade and stain resistant, promises not to rot or split, and is splinter free – but it is also a high cost item. Three Brothers Painting offers a deck covering alternative that will give you a Trex-like surface, for a fraction of the cost. Deck Revive is a new product that coats your current deck to form a hard, durable covering that protects the wood. Our professional painting company prefers this product to others like it because its unique process allows us to offer any color you may choose, it drys quickly so that you are your family are not inconvenienced, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Would you like to learn more about Deck Revive and why it is a good option for your Alpharetta, GA home? Call Three Brothers Painting today. We offer free, in home estimates and can talk to you about all of the options we offer to remodel or repaint your deck including small wood repair, staining, painting, pressure washing, and Deck Revive.

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