National Painting Week April 15-21: 4 Awesome Painting Hacks

Apr 19, 2013

From Monday, April 15th through Sunday April 21st, Sherwin Williams is celebrating National Painting Week, and we thought we’d join in on the fun! With only two days left in the celebration, you’re short on time to get finished painting your bathroom your favorite emerald green, or changing your bedroom to a soft lavender. Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA has brought you some of our favorite “painting hack” ideas so you can get your projects done while we are still celebrating painting week, and get them done with much less mess!

1. Keep Paint Cans CleanPaint Brush Img

Put a rubber band around a paint can to wipe the excess paint off of your brush, instead of wiping it on the lip of the can. Saves paint and skips a drippy mess!

2. Avoid Using Trim Tape: #1

Instead of having to spend an extra hour taping off all of your trim, simply use a clean dustpan to guard your paintbrush from areas that you don’t want painted.

3. Avoid Trim Tape: #2

When it comes to painting around things that are awkwardly shaped and you can’t move them (like a toilet) or don’t want to (like a doorknob), wrap them in tinfoil. It saves you from having to awkwardly figure out how to tape around them, and saves you from having to clean off excess paint.

4. Avoid Overhead Drips

Are you painting something overhead (the ceiling)? Use an old tupperware lid, put a slice in it, and push your paintbrush handle through just enough so you can hold the handle and leave the bristles sticking out on the other side of the lid. It will catch all of the paint drips!

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