Master Sanctuary

Jun 27, 2014

Commercial PaintingWhen was the last time that you really spent time and money making your master bedroom a place that you enjoy? The master bedroom is the place where you and your mate should be able to get away from it all, relax, and simply enjoy your space, and each other’a company. Three Brothers Painting has 5 tips to help you make your master bedroom a true sanctuary for you and your spouse. 

1. Make it a Priority

When you are cleaning, redecorating, or designing, don’t just leave you’re master bedroom for last because not many people see it. The fact is, it’s the place where you and your spouse will spend the majority of your time, so it should be the space in your home that you enjoy the most. It should be the first room in your house that you delegate time to for cleaning, and money for decorating.

3. Keep it Serene

Serenity is in the eyes of the beholder – but there are a few governing rules.  Don’t do work in bed (that includes checking your email first thing in the morning), don’t have the TV on filling the airwaves with noise of the latest Wall Street disaster, and don’t let it become your kids playroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

4. Paint it Whatever Colors You Want

Many people say that you should paint your bedroom walls calming or neutral colors – but don’t you turn the lights off when you sleep? It doesn’t matter how bright your walls are when the room is dark, they won’t be lighting up the night unless you were using glow in the dark paint!

5. Keep it Clean

Studies have proven that clean and clutter free spaces help eliminate stress and clear the mind. To put this in practice, don’t let the kids drag their toys into your room, don’t fold laundry on the bed, and change clothes in the closet rather than in the middle of the room.


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