It’s Time to Update That Popcorn Ceiling: 2 Ways to Get Your Ceiling Into the 21st Century

Sep 19, 2019

Look, we’re going to be honest with you…that popcorn ceiling is dating your home. It’s 2019 and it’s time to update your look. Your home’s look, that is. First things first: do not attempt to do this yourself. While you may have heard that this is a fun DIY project. We assure you, it’s not. It can be very labor-intensive, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be calling us to fix things later anyway. The only thing you need to do is let us know what you want the end result to look like.

Two Options for Updating Your Popcorn Ceiling

There are a couple different options when deciding on the look for your new and improved ceilings. One option can be a little more expensive than the other. So when deciding you’ll want to consider your budget as well as your style. Here are two options for updating your popcorn ceiling:

Ceiling Scraping – The stucco spray that is creating the popcorn look can be removed to show the original ceiling drywall. It can be scraped, skimmed with joint compound, sanded smooth, primed, and then painted to leave a flat surface ceiling. The downside is that this can be labor-intensive and cause some dusting around the house after the job is finished. It is very labor-intensive so the cost might go up a bit.

Beadboard – Panels of beadboard are rows of narrow wood planks running parallel to each other. In between each wood plank is a little indentation or ridge—also known as a “bead.” Beadboard, or really, any unique paneling, can be a great alternative to the popcorn texture. These boards are simply added to the existing ceiling and create a distinct look that does well with any room’s décor. The fun part is that you can make it whatever you want, you can paint or stain them any color to create the perfect ambiance for your room. The downside is that some people might not appreciate the aesthetic of the boards, but it’s your house!

Both options have their pros and cons depending on what you are looking for. We recommend you do a Google image search so you can get a better idea of how each option looks in rooms similar to yours.

What’s Next? I Need These Updates!

Once you’ve made your decision, give us a call. If you’re still struggling to decide, give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment to come and check out your ceilings to give you an estimate on cost and time. We can also help with recommendations if you’re just not sure. The best news? You don’t pay a dime until you are 100% satisfied!

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