Invest in Your Home with a Professional Painter

May 24, 2017

Professional painters can make Canton, Georgia homes look like new!Painting is an appealing home improvement project because it delivers a big bang for the buck. Even a fresh coat of paint in the same color is noticeable – the room looks fresher, cleaner. A new color really gives the WOW factor. An old house feels new again!

A lot of people consider painting a weekend project that they can do themselves. And it usually is. But people who are renovating, planning to list their home, or simply want the paint to look good longer, should consider investing in a professional painter. Here’s why.

Eye for Detail: Professional painters will clean and prep the walls. They’ll repair nail pops, cracks and scrapes, sand down bumps and make other small repairs that will make the end product look better and last longer. Sure, it’s no big thing to run a Swiffer along the walls, but if you there isn’t any spackle around to handle a nail pop, will it get fixed? Not likely. Most people would either paint over it, or put off the painting project all together.

In addition to those basics, a pro will know whether to use flat, egg shell or semi-gloss paint and will prep the surfaces accordingly.

Better Tools: When taking on a painting project many DIY’ers simply pick up the “painting kit” at their local home improvement store – you know the one. It has a paint tray, maybe some liners, two rollers and two brushes. That’s a great kit to get started, but usually the nap is too long on the rollers – that can leave streaks, and the bristles in the brushes are cheap. That means they are more likely to fall out and depending on the paint you’re using, could even melt.

The pros have a variety of roller naps to make sure they have the right one for the job. They have high quality hand held brushes, and even have – and know how to use – sprayers. Save the ten bucks on that kit and go with the person who’s tools won’t leave streaks.

Plus, that paint kit doesn’t include spackle and putty knives for nail pops, ladders, sand paper, or even painter’s tape. A pro has all of that and more in his truck.

Faster: Professional painters literally do this all day. They have tricks and techniques to get the job done efficiently, even when there are lots of corners and cabinets to cut in. DIY’ers might toil all weekend on one room when an experienced crew can come in and knock out that room in an afternoon.

Focused Attention: Yes, DIY’ers work on their homes and take pride in a job well done. And they may also hang a picture, or strategically place a piece of furniture to hide the spot the dog rubbed against, or that they messed up because the doorbell rang. A professional painter has their focus is 100% on getting paint on walls. Quickly and neatly.

Less Mess: This may be the best reason. A professional painter has a vested interest in not making a mess while they paint someone’s home or office. It’s part of their reputation. Plus, they don’t want to come back to clean up or have to replace rugs or furniture. When it’s a DIY job those drips on the floor may stay a while because it can be cleaned whenever. When a pro is there, if a drip even makes it to the floor, it’s not likely to stay there long.

Professional painters bring in tarps and tape and protect the floors and furniture in the space. They know where to place their tools so they aren’t stepping in paint and they know how to load a roller or paint brush to not drip paint. Yes, these are all things the average DIY’er can master. But why not take advantage of the professional’s experience?

At Three Brothers Painting we take pride in our work – we keep our tools in good shape to make sure that every room we paint meets the home owner’s expectations. Our professional painters want people to walk in the room and think WOW! Not “looks, good, but I have to move the couch over to cover that scuff.”

Give us a call for a free estimate and learn more about how our crews of professional painters can freshen up your north Georgia home or office.

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